VIDEO: E3BioFuels Launches its Genesis Plant - click to play

Breakthrough technology in operation today at the E3 BioFuels Genesis plant in Mead, Nebraska, is changing the face of American energy and agriculture.

We care about saving our country from foreign oil dependence and protecting our environment. That's why we've built the world's first closed-loop system to make clean, renewable ethanol for America's drivers.

We can turn corn into clean-burning ethanol for our cars without using huge amounts of fossil fuel.

We can protect our water from its No. 1 pollutant—manure from cattle feedlots and dairy farms—and protect ourselves from global warming air pollution.

We can stop foreign oil from endangering our security, and get America's energy from the cornfields of the Midwest instead of the oilfields of the Mideast.

As Silicon Valley venture capitalist Vinod Khosla wrote of E3 BioFuels, "The road to energy independence starts in a cornfield in Nebraska."